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This Rooster Ringtone also makes a great
Rooster Alarm Tone!

Picture of rooster from rooster ringtone

Rooster Ringtone

High Quality MP3
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I raise chickens as a source of eggs for my family. I've got about 10 hens and one rooster in the flock. This rooster ringtone is a high quality MP3 recording of my "living" rooster alarm. You won't find this high quality rooster ringtone anywhere else. I've seen a lot of cheap imitations and low quality rooster ringtone recordings for sale. My rooster alarm ringtone is much better!
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5 Minutes Ocean Waves MP3,
5 Minutes Peaceful Creek MP3
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Install Rooster Ringtone to Phone

You will need to make sure you have a way to get the rooster ringtone on your phone. It will be an mp3 file. I transfer ringtones to my phone through wireless blue tooth which allows me to transfer pictures and ring tones from my computer directly to my phone. Many people use a USB cable to transfer ringtones from their computers to their cell phones. Other people have internet access on their phones and would just email the rooster ringtone mp3 files to their phone. You will have to figure out how to send the tone to your own phone. I can't help in with this as there are just too many different cell phone models out there. It's usually a pretty simple process. Have fun waking up to this rooster alarm / rooster ringtone!

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